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Was a beacon of light and audacity to many queer and trans people while on this earth. Treese passed away in 2018, and her legacy lives on through the many lives she influenced. Treese was beautiful, Black, fat, disabled, audacious, bold, wise, giving and fierce. Her ideas and imagery around liberation was rooted in kindness and truth. She had the gift of bringing liberation to the people she knew and loved, asking them to confront whatever was in front of them with truth and bravery. 

Check out the QPOC Resource Guide created by Dr. Sheltreese McCoy

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Is the founding executive director for Haus of McCoy. Codi’s intimate politic centers Black trans poor disabled women and femmes. She believes if we somehow address the issues of the most vulnerable people within our community then we will fix the issues for all of us. Codi knows that we must pull from the bottom of the well to make actual change and move towards liberation. Codi is an editorial writer for the Lawrence Times, a facilitator of meaningful conversations and serves as an equity and justice coach to several. 



Are the helping hands of the organization. They help the organization hold tightly to the mission of centering Black trans poor disabled women and femmes in every decision the HOM makes. This is no easy task as white supremacy wants to be in the center at all times. Holding this politic intimately upsets people, organizations and institutions who insist on the perpetual existence of status quo. 

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